Patience Pays Off

A Little Patience Goes A Long Way

Wednesday I was out at the Celery Bog photographing the migrating birds. I was going to leave, but I decided to give one last spot a try. I walked down a game trail to the water only to see nothing…or so I thought. I was turning to leave and saw a great blue heron very close to me. I very slowly lowered my monopod and knelt down. As soon as I did I realized that I was kneeling in muck, but it didn’t matter. I had a great opportunity to see the heron up close and personal. Of course nothing happened for nearly an hour. Finally the heron stiffened a bit, and I made myself ready. It struck into the water, and came up empty…or did it? I saw something little in its mouth so I I decided to photograph it to see what it was. Right when I did the heron flipped the minnow in its mouth giving me a great image. A little patience and a lot of luck paid off for me here.

Trying Something New

I really have felt like I am going to the Celery Bog and just making the same images lately. When I went out Friday I did so with a couple of goals in mind. One of them was to see a Golden Crowned Kinglet. I did that fairly early in my trip. It landed about three feet from my shoulder in fact. The other was to find birds that I have been photographing in different places. By changing up my pattern I opened myself up to some new birds, and I had a really good day. I am really glad that I changed things up. The golden crowned kinglet photo is not my best, but I have some time to make a better one.

Getting To Know The Celery Bog

At this point last year I was just getting my 600mm lens, and heading out to the Celery Bog. Now a year later I have a much better understanding of the place. Knowing the light and the way that it falls allows me to approach areas that I know should be good with a little better understanding. That allows me to make better photos. A little better knowledge of my subjects helps as well.

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