Picture Day At The Celery Bog

School Picture Day At The Celery Bog

Tuesday seemed to be a day filled with birds coming right up and posing for me. Most of them were yellow-bumped warblers. They have taken over the bog. A few like the one above though have some nice color. With a beautiful blue sky in the background the photos just make themselves.

More Posing

It seems like the yellow-rumped warblers know that there are so many of them that we start to just ignore them after a while. With that in mind they will pose a little more than the others to entice the photographers to make photos of them. Here I was forced to make a photo because the pose and background were so good. The fall colors are starting, and they make for a great background.

Is That A Black-Throated Green Warbler?…If Only I Could See His Throat?…Oh Thanks

Just as I was thinking that I could ID this bird if I could only see his throat he showed it to me. Sometimes I think these birds are in my head.

The Belted Kingfisher Fishing

So far I have only seen the belted kingfisher on a perch. On Tuesday I was able to see one fishing. In fact this one made a few attempts at catching a little lunch. It was never successful, but it was fun watching it fly around. I liked this photo of the kingfisher flying over some wood ducks.

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