The Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk: Purdue Campus Walk

A Great Purdue Campus Photowalk

Last night I went for a walk on the campus of Purdue with about twenty people. If you know me then you know that I love photography. It is was I do as a job and as a hobby. I love to talk about photography as well. Going on a photowalk is a fun exercise because you get to see how other people see the world. I have a view of campus and how I like to photograph it. It was fun to see just how everyone else sees campus. We had so much fun that I created a group on Facebook for those that would like to do this more often. You can find it here or by searching Purdue Photowalk Group. This was an amazing time with some great people. I was shocked when I found out that we had people from Terre Haute and Evansville join us.

Making Just A Few Photos

I really did not make many photos during the walk. In fact I made far fewer than I thought that I would. At one point after we had walked by the engineering fountain that had just lit up I decided to turn around and make a photo of it. I am glad that I did. The weather did not cooperate with a great sunset, but I think that we all had some fun anyway. This was part of a bigger once a year walk, but I would like to do this more often. In a couple of weeks campus will look amazing. That would be a great time to take a walk. A photowalk like this one can be about making good photos. It can also be about making connections and sharing your love for photography. I purposely did not make any of the awards on the walk for best photo because I wanted it to be more about the experience. You can see some photos from all of the walks by searching the hashtag #WWPW2019 on Twitter or Instagram.

A Last Minute Addition

During the day Saturday I was making some baseball photos. When I came home in between that and my photowalk I found out that my little one wanted to go on the walk. Of course I was all about that, but I wondered how bored she might get. What I found is that she had a blast and even made a few photos herself. She also seemed to be a lightning rod for photographers. I know how that is as I photograph her all of the time.

One Last Thing

Part of the fun of this walk was the fact that some people jumped in to help sponsor it. I wanted to have a couple of rewards for those that came to the walk. Camera Outfitters was amazing as they gave everyone who walked a free print as well as having the owners on the walk with us. Give them a look here. Walt’s Pub also sponsored the walk giving one lucky student a nice meal. You can find out more about Walt’s Pub here. In fact if you go there you will have a decent chance of seeing me there as it is one of my favorite places to eat in town. For the past few years I have been out of town when the photowalk was happening. It was great to be in town this year hanging out with some awesome people. Next year we need to do this again!

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