When The Forecast Is Correct

A Bird Forecast?

On Thursday I saw a bird forecast for the first time. It was calling for a lot of migrating birds in the area. They were correct. From the moment that I walked out into the woods I was seeing birds. These people at least for the one day that I knew about them had a great day. You can see where the data comes from here.

The Cape May Warbler

This is a bird that I have really only photographed way up in the tree. I was going to leave the bog, and I decided to do my one more pass trick. I always used to see something on that pass. For my entire way through the woods I really did not see much. All of the birds were in the treetops, and that is not great for photography. I decided to take the bike path back to my car. It was then that I saw this Cape May Warbler. I made a few photos of it in the shade while waiting for the sun to come back out. Before that could happen a lawn mower came screaming down the edge of the path moving all of the birds out including this one. It was cool while it lasted though.

The Tennessee Warbler

This is a bird that I have some decent photos of, but not this close. While on the back observation deck making pictures out into the water I heard the woods come alive behind me. The chickadees brought the warblers over for a pass. I had some very close looks at some of the birds including this one.

A Young Cedar Waxwing

Early in my day I saw this young cedar waxwing hanging out with the warblers. It looked so much unlike an adult cedar waxwing that it threw me off for a while. A few tell tale signs were visible when I saw the photo on my computer, but in the field I had no idea what I was looking at here.

Always Check Your Settings

I love using the Super 35mm mode on my Sony cameras. It makes these larger files much smaller when I know that I am going to have a big crop. One thing that I don’t like though is when I forget to turn it off. That has happened a few times this week when I have been super surprised by a set of birds. It is nice because I am super tight on them, but it would be easier to find them if I had gone back to my full frame view.

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