An Eastern Wood-Peewee At The Celery Bog

The Eastern Wood-Pewee At The Celery Bog

Yesterday was not the best day for photography. I saw a lot of birds, but the great luck that I had on Monday did not follow through to yesterday. That happens. One thing that makes a so-so day a good one is seeing a bird you rarely see up close. This Eastern Wood-Pewee stopped and posed for me and another photographer. The other photographer is Dan Miller who publishes books about the bog so it probably stopped for him, but I will pretend that it was for me.

The Reason For The Weird Day

This hawk is the reason that my day was kind of messed up at the beginning. When a hawk is near the other birds usually are not. These birds were trying to make a brunch out of the migrating birds, and those migrating birds decided to not be around. This hawk landed so close to me with just a bit of brush between us. The brush acted enough like a blind that I was able to make a few photos before a walker with a loud radio flushed it. At the time I thought that it might be my lone good photo for the day.

The Fun Of Fall Migrating Birds

When the birds come through in the fall you really have no idea what you are going to see. In fact even when you see them you might not know right away what you are looking at. At least for a novice like me the fall migration adds a few degrees of difficulty to the mix. Some of the birds look completely different than they do in the spring. Some are just a little different. Add the young birds making their first migration into the mix and I am often stumped about what I just saw. I spend a little bit of time at home trying to figure out exactly what I saw. I guess if this were easy then it would not be so much fun.

Come Walk With Me

On October 5th I am leading a photowalk on the campus of Purdue University. The walk is very informal. It is just a chance for a bunch of photographers to get together to make some images. All skill levels are welcome. Bring whatever you make photos with. You can read more about the walk by going here. Some new and exciting news about the walk is that it now has a sponsor. Camera Outfitters is giving away an 8×10 print to every walker as well as a $25 dollar gift card to one lucky walker. I have also added a $10 gift card to Kathie’s Kandies in downtown Lafayette, as well as a Walt’s Pub gift card. I am working on some other prizes for the walk as well.

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