Another Day With The Sony A7R IV At The Celery Bog

Taking The Sony A7R IV For Another Spin At The Celery Bog

I really did not think that the Sony A7R IV performed very well at the Celery Bog on Thursday. I know that the camera is a good one so I wanted to give it another chance to see if it was the camera or the operator that was failing. I had a feeling it was the operator. Knowing that I was dealing with a bigger file I made sure that I was shooting with good form as much as I could to make sure that camera shake would not be an issue. By making sure I used good form I think that I solved most of the problems that I had the day before.

A Young Cedar Waxwing

The fun part about the Celery Bog is finding something that you were not even looking for. This time of the year I really am only out looking for warblers. They are only here a short time so why not make some photos of them? I am an opportunist though because I will photograph anything that comes in front of my camera. This young cedar waxwing was on a perfect perch for me to make a few photos of it.

Oh Deer!

I decided to take a walk up a path that I rarely walk on. Most of the birds that I enjoy photographing are down by the water. To get away from that was a gamble, but I thought that it might be worth taking. It would also let me walk around the area that I wanted to photograph so that when I went through it I would have the light with me. I bumped into this mother and two baby deer by taking this new path. Talk about photographing whatever comes in front of you.

The Eastern Phoebe

This is a bird that I haven’t quite figured out yet. Some days I can easily make photos of one, and other days I can’t get near them. After having a couple of shy birds earlier in my walk I found a couple that were very easy around the camera. Of course those birds then get on the blog. I think they know the secret.

The Downy Woodpecker

This is another bird that I didn’t set out to photograph on Friday. They are always at the bog, and I can photograph them at any time. When one is close enough that you can make some nice photos though you take that opportunity. I followed this bird up this plant waiting for the right moment. When it got to the top its bill got stuck to the spider web which I think made for a nice photos.

Come Walk With Me

On October 5th I am leading a photowalk on the campus of Purdue University. The walk is very informal. It is just a chance for a bunch of photographers to get together to make some images. All skill levels are welcome. Bring whatever you make photos with. You can read more about the walk by going here. Some new and exciting news about the walk is that it now has a sponsor. Camera Outfitters is giving away an 8×10 print to every walker as well as a $25 dollar gift card to one lucky walker. I have also added a $10 gift card to Kathie’s Kandies in downtown Lafayette, as well as a Walt’s Pub gift card. I am working on some other prizes for the walk as well.

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