Remembering Heroes

A Day To Remember Heroes

Today is a great day to remember all of those that have died trying to protect us. The date September 11th will always have a special meaning not only because of what was done to us, but for how we responded. The brave men and women that ran towards the danger to save others. It is a thankless job for the most part so today I thought that I would publicly thank all of those men and women who risk their lives to make ours easier.

A Morning To Remember

I had a routine on days that I had class in college. I would wake up and eat and read the paper while the TV played in the background. That morning the TV happened to be on NBC and I hadn’t bothered changing it yet. Something in the paper had my attention. Of course that all quickly changed as I realized just what was on the TV in front of me. I couldn’t even fathom what I was seeing. To this day I think that a part of me still can’t believe that what I saw was happening.

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