Kansas Soccer vs. Depaul

A Big Weekend Starts Off With Soccer

Last night I started this weekend off with the soccer match between Kansas and Depaul. I have really enjoyed photographing soccer this fall. That is good because I have a lot more of it coming up. Sunday I will photograph two straight games. When the game has the intensity that this one did down the stretch it is always fun to make photos.

Better With The 600

This fall I have been really looking into how I make photos, and I have realized that I like my stuff much better when I am using my 600mm lens. I have shorter lenses for when the action gets closer, but I just think that everything looks better with my 600.  I think that my 400mm lens is now relegated to being the long f/2.8 lens that I use for night games. With all day games this weekend it looks like the 600 is going to get some use.

Perfect Timing

This game seemed to be played at the perfect time yesterday. It was not too hot, and a little rain shower came down just before most people were in the stadium. The main thing though is that the shadow from the press box really didn’t interfere with my photos. I love Folk Field sunsets, but I really like a field that is one exposure. Sunday my games are even earlier so I shouldn’t have any press box shadow to deal with. Might be time to break out a remote.

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