Above Purdue On A Beautiful Day

Flying Above Purdue

While on a job on campus I saw that the clouds were amazing. One of the great things about this Mavic Air is the portability of it. I find that I bring my drone along far more now than I did when I had the big Phantom 4 Pro with the huge backpack. The Phantom 4 Pro was a great drone with a big sensor, but I found that I never used it because it was too big to take along. This Mavic Air drone in its protective case and the remote controller easily both fit into the same pouch in many of my bags. That means that it is very easy to take along on trips.

Taking The Time To Make Nice Photos

While just walking around whey not take the time to make a nice photo? In the past I would have been all about getting to campus, getting the job done, and then heading home. On this job I did the first two, but then once my work was done I made a photo for myself.

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