Vote For Kennedy!

The John F. Kennedy Museum in Boston

A couple of years ago I was finally able to visit the John F. Kennedy Presidential museum in Boston. I had visited eight museums prior to this visit so it was nice to finally get #9 in. I had a trip planned to Boston in 2003, but a new job came in the way of that vacation. With a little time on my side though I think that I appreciated the museum that much more. As of right now I have five more museums to visit. Of course the Obama museum will make that six before you know it. It is always great seeing how these men went from wherever they started to the highest office in the land.

A Fun Museum

Every Presidential museum has their own way of looking at the former President that they are built for. This one showed you a short video before you entered the museum of everything of importance that happened to John Kennedy before 1960. The rest of the museum takes you through his years involving the Presidency. The I.M. Pei design is something to look at from many angles as well.

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