Two Fun Days With The Sony A9 At The Celery Bog

Spending Two Days At The Celery Bog With The Sony A9

Whenever I get new gear and I want to get used to it I head out to the Celery Bog. For my longer lens stuff it has really been a great place to get used to it. With new camera bodies it is a great place to try things out without fear of missing key shots in a game. There is zero pressure, and I can have some fun while learning the new gear. Last Friday and again yesterday I went out to the Celery Bog to play with my new A9’s. Below are a few photos from my trips out there.

Watching The Herons

One of the bucket list items for me at the bog is to get a great picture of a heron fishing. I have made some okay pictures in the past, but getting that great one has eluded me. I watched this heron for over an hour with nothing but a few false alarms and scratches. Luckily it got hot enough to dunk its head. The resulting shake was one of my fun moments of the day. While waiting for the heron to do anything I came up with the fun idea to test out the Super 35mm mode on my camera. You can read all about that test here.

Going To The Hummingbirds

Normally I feed the hummingbirds at my house and let them come to me. Here I went to a spot at the bog where I thought they would be. I was right, and I ended up with quite a show as a few of them kept coming around. They never posed for the camera though which is kind of upsetting. Maybe because I didn’t feed them. I liked this photo the best of two of the birds going for the same flower.

Forgetting My 2x Tele

When I was almost to the bog I realized that I forgot to bring my 2x teleconverter on Monday morning. Maybe it was a case of the Mondays, but I didn’t have what I think is a crucial piece of equipment. I can’t just walk closer to the birds for a couple of reasons. The first is that they would probably fly away. The second is that I have yet to develop the ability to walk on water. I am working on it, but I always end up all wet. Without the tele I really had to try and let the shots come to me. The photo above was one where I would have liked to have that extra 2x reach. Shooting with a 1200mm lens is a lot more fun than shooting with a 600mm lens. The fun part about this though is that I can always go out and try again another day.

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