Quick Tip: Five Settings To Change Or Leave Right Away When You Get Your Sony A9

Five Settings To Change Right Away On Your Sony A9

Whenever you buy a new camera there are things that you want to do to make it your own. With the Sony A9 you are greeted with pages and pages of menus to sort through. Here are five quick things to change on your camera right away that will make your life easier.

  1. Keep the touch screen off – This seems like something you should turn on, but in my experience it was not worth the hassle to have it on. Maybe I have a big nose, but it would hit the touch screen just before my eye hit the viewfinder to turn off the back screen. What I ended up with was the focus point always being in the lower right hand corner. All that the touch screen is good for anyway is choosing your focus point so if you are not shooting video I would leave it off. You can find this setting on page 2/7 in the briefcase icon.
  2. Auto review off – This is another one that seems like it should be on. Why wouldn’t you want your images to pop up for review right after you have made them. Part of the great thing about the Sony A9 is the fact that you have a viewfinder that does not black out when you make a photo. With your eye up to the viewfinder though and auto review on you end up seeing all of your photos scrolling before your eyes. It really is a crazy sensation when it goes back to real life. Turn the auto review off, and just use the play button to review your images when you choose to do so. This setting can be found on page 8/11 of the Camera 2 icon
  3. Release w/o card – This one might be a personal preference, but I don’t want to photograph any part of an event thinking that I am recording images to my card when I am not. I have my Sony A9 set up to record RAW images to card 1 and JPEG images to card 2. If I don’t have this safety for myself I could end up with a lot of unwanted JPEG images and no RAWS. This setting can be found on page 5/11 of the camera 2 icon.
  4. AF Illuminator Off – For most sports work this does nothing but distract. When shooting wildlife it can draw unwanted attention to you. If you are photographing in good light this does not matter at all. This can be found on page 5/13 of the camera 1 menu.
  5. Turn the LCD screen off – This might cause some controversy. Turning the LCD screen off can save battery life for you. By default it is always on. Turning off the back screen while you are walking around saves your battery. It is true that the viewfinder uses far more battery than the LCD screen it still does not turn on until you put your eye up to it. While walking or other times when your head is not in the camera you are saving a little battery. This might not be much, but on a long day of hiking it could really save battery for you.

So there are five quick things that I wish that I had known when I bought my Sony A9. This post might be late for most, but if it helps one person it is worth it. These tips can be used for the Sony A7Riii as well although the menu numbers might be different.

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