Quick Tip: Super 35mm Mode On The Sony A9

Sony A9 Quick Tip: Super 35mm Mode

As I learn this new camera I thought that it would be fun to go through a few things that I have picked up along the way. One of the cool features of the Sony A9 is super 35 mode. You can find this mode on page one of the menu so you don’t have to go through the pages and pages of menus that Sony has set up for us. It is a mode intended to be used when you put a crop sensor lens on your camera, but it has an added benefit. You can use it when you know that you will be cropping anyway. Why would you crop in camera instead of in post? With the bigger files of these new Sony cameras having an image already cropped somewhat before ingest means that your ingest will go a little faster. As a sports photographer I know that sometimes those seconds shaved off here and there can mean the difference between getting back out in time for the second half or rushing out once play has already started. I don’t think that this is a mode to be used all of the time, but with just a toggle it could be handy when you know that you will be cropping way in anyway.


Real World Examples

Above are a couple of shots that I made this morning at the Celery Bog. They are all of the same heron in the same spot made from the same spot. The only difference is that in the second image I turned on my Super 35mm mode. With that added 1.5x crop factor it looks like I am that much closer to the bird. Like I said above I don’t think this mode is for everyone, but it is a nice little feature to keep file size down. The final shot is the full frame image cropped down to about the Super 35mm shot. As you can see there is little difference in the files. It is just something to have some fun with as you explore your camera.

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