Funny, It Doesn’t Feel Cold

Fake Snow Doesn’t Fool The Mind

While walking through the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter you see fake snow everywhere. On a day like the one where I made this photo that seemed crazy. The real feel was 132 degrees so the fake snow was like a cruel joke. With my sick sense of humor though I made this photo to show just how cold I would have liked it to have been. Of course it was over 100 degrees hotter than that. Maybe we should go to Florida in the winter.

The Attention To Detail

This park was so good with little details. You had to get pretty close to the snow to see that it was fake. Each window of the shops even the fake ones were dressed up so good. You really did think that you were living in the world of Harry Potter as you walked around. These little things are what make Disney so much fun. They stole a little of that magic here to make the park that much more fun.

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