Top 19 Photos From The 2018-2019 College Year

My Favorite 19 Photos From The 2018-2019 School Year

Last year was an amazing year for me and my photography. I had a great time being part of a great crew at Purdue, and I was able to see some amazing things outside of that as well. I don’t know that I could have been luckier covering some of the events that I was able to. Out of an entire school year it is hard to narrow photos down to nineteen. What I tried to do was find photos from some of the best moments of the year for me. Tomorrow my new year officially starts. I always like to take a look back before I move forward. I like to find things that I could improve on as well as things that I did well. Going through the photos for a list like this is a good way to do that.

19. I am already cheating on the first stop on the countdown. Beating Indiana is fun in any sport. When there is a trophy involved it is even more fun. Here are two great days no campus as Purdue beat Indiana in volleyball and soccer. The top photo shows the volleyball team celebrating winning the Golden Spike in volleyball. The bottom photo shows the soccer team hoisting the Golden Boot after a thrilling overtime win over the Hoosiers.

18. The Lambert Fieldhouse looked great after being redone for the track team. This was my favorite photo from there this season. There has been a lot of history in this building, and it is fun to make some photos with the building being the star of them.

17. For a couple of days this spring I spent a lot of time at the tennis center here at Purdue photographing the Horizon League Tournament. On day one I made my favorite photo of the event. Here a UIC player celebrates taking the doubles point. One great thing about tennis is that you can be fairly close to the action and they celebrate a lot. I need to photograph more tennis this coming year.

16. During a early season softball game I decided to have some fun through the fence. I loved the posture here as the player waits for their turn to bat. The little moments were the ones that became my favorite to photograph this year. They really added to the gallery.

15. Here is another little moment just before a Xavier swimmer went into the water. The concentration just before the swimmers go into the water is fun to find and photograph.

14. This is the first of a couple images from the Purdue football season. Rondale Moore was an amazing athlete to photograph. He really could change the game in the blink of an eye. I made this photo as Rondale took the field to start the second half of a game. It is not easy trying to keep up with an All American, but for a short spurt during a job I can do just that.

13. This was the start of a great weekend on the campus of Purdue. The Purdue wrestling team took the victory inside of Mackey Arena against Indiana. Over the course of three days three different Purdue teams took victories over Indiana in this building. I loved this overall shot of Mackey set up for wrestling.

12. As much fun as it was watching Rondale Moore this past year it might have been more fun watching Carsen Edwards. He could change a game in the blink of an eye. Here he finishes off a move to the hoop.

11. This is another photo from a fun weekend against Indiana. The wrestling team started the weekend off with a win over Indiana, and the women’s basketball team finished the weekend with a win. The fact that it came on this basket with time winding down made it even more special. It is the first of two times that a late bucket will get Karissa on this countdown.

10. This was the first time in a while that I really looked forward to the bucket game between Purdue and Indiana. Purdue pulled away late thanks to a great run by Markell Jones. The late day light and the great stiff arm lead to a photo that I will remember from the game.

9. This was the second year in a row that I covered the Big East baseball tournament. It is a great event that is amazing to cover. Four teams come in trying to get the automatic berth to the NCAA Tournament. Here Creighton the regular season champ celebrates winning the title.

8. This was a weird day for me. I had just had some minor surgery to start the day off, but I wasn’t going to miss the game for anything. The basketball team was honoring Tyler Trent who had just passed. I should not have been making photos, but I decided a few couldn’t hurt. I went up into the stands to make some of the intros when fate came and stood right in front of me. It was another Tyler who was kicking cancer’s butt. I was not ready to make this photo, but I did the best that I could with what I had with me. It was unexpected, but one of my favorites.

7. This is a funny story. I was not photographing Purdue on this day. When they hit the game winning shot with time expiring I found myself firing as Purdue celebrated. Working for the opposing team I knew that there was no photo for me there so why not capture the jubilation? It was a fun moment that I was happy to get.

6. Shooting in the rain is no fun. You have bulky, cumbersome rain gear all around that make uploading and checking images so much more difficult. With that said the photos from those days can be amazing. Here David Blough stiff arms a defender. The rain on the defenders helmet help me show motion as it explodes off of it. I might be the only person that roots for the rain when it is in the forecast.

5. My last Purdue baseball game of the year gave me the best sunset of the year. I love this stadium when the light is good. Here is was great to make one last good Purdue stadium shot of the year. It was a heck of a way to end the season.

4. One great thing about the Big East tournament is the fact that for the most part three of the four teams need a win to get into the NCAA Tournament. That gives you emotional moments like the one above. I love baseball, and I love emotion. When they come together it leads to great images.

3. The Alexander sunset above was my last gig for Purdue last year. This sunset at Folk Field was from my first gig of the year. Folk Field always seems to have the best sunsets. You get to watch some soccer and get a great sunset view. What more could you want?

2. In any other year this would be the #1 photo on the countdown. It was an unexpected moment during the NCAA baseball tournament. I really lucked out in where I was standing in order to get it. It is everything that I want to make in my pregame photos.

  1. Of course #1 on the countdown had to be from the Ohio State game for football. It was the moment that we all hope propels this team to the greatness that we think it can achieve. The morning of the game was the College Gameday story on Tyler Trent. I have never wanted a win so badly in my life, and it was not for me. As time was running out in the game I ran to our gear area and ditched everything but one camera and one lens. I knew that I would be in the field storming, and I wanted as little gear as I could get. I made it in and out of the rush a couple of times before spotting Pete going up on a set of shoulders. I knew that it was the photo to get so I took off to get it. Somehow I got close enough to use the 11-24mm lens and make my favorite photo of the year.

My goal every year when I put these lists out is to review what I have done for the year so that I can improve. I always want to put out a better list the next year. With a couple of these photos I don’t know how I could possibly top them. The Pete photo is one of them. The beauty of a new school year though is that anything can happen, and I just need to put myself in the right place to make the interesting photos. I am so excited for this year, and I can’t wait to see what the coming year will bring.

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