Indianapolis At Dusk

The Sun Sets On Indianapolis

I love these shots at blue hour when the light is fairly even with the blue sky looking great against the orange lights in the foreground. I like them so much that I make pictures of them when I am not even at my camera to do so. I made this image while I was enjoying a concert next door at the White River State Park lawn. I set my camera up for what I thought would be a correct exposure and then let the interval timer do its thing. At a high level floor of the JW Marriott everything looks really good below. This was not bad considering I had no idea what this scene looked like as I made the exposure. I wish everything were this easy.

The Last Good Run

I made this image with my 5D Mark IV and my Tamron 17-35mm lens. Both of these served me well for a long time. As I write this I still have not sold them, but I plan on doing so this coming week. It has been very weird getting rid of some of the gear that helped me get to where I am. It was that sentimentality though that kept the gear in my closet long after I was done using it. At some point you have to just move on and use the new stuff. It was still fun to make a couple of final images with some of this gear.

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