Delmarva Shorebirds vs. Lakewood BlueClaws

Is My GPS Broken?

I shoot a lot of games in Purdue stadiums. This was my first game ever in Perdue Stadium. While the stadiums at Purdue are named after the man who donated the land to campus this one was named after a man who formed a chicken empire. I love seeing new stadiums, and this one was a great one to see. It was much farther than I normally have to drive for a Purdue event though.

Nick Vespi

The Game Action

The game was actually a fun one to watch. I ended up getting distracted which I will talk about later. This was a fun place to make action photos though as the angles were really good. Sometimes you get trapped in a couple of bad spots, but here I was able to move around quite freely and make the images that I wanted to.

Carlos De La Cruz

The Real Story Of The Game

I missed a lot of action watching this storm roll in. It was a sight, and I used the awesome wrap around deck of the stadium to make some photographs as it came. I knew that I was rolling the dice as I could get really wet, but I had a photo in mind. Most of the lightning was behind other clouds so it just showed up as flashes. This bolt was visible, and at the perfect time. When the weather made it to the stadium it didn’t start with a drizzle. It was a wind driven downpour that made it so the tarp couldn’t even be placed on the field. My night ended early, but it was still a fun one.

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