Let’s Go For A Fountain Run!

Summer Time And Fountain Runs

Summer break usually means at least a couple of trips to the Purdue campus for some fountain runs. On this trip the sky was not what I would have liked it to be so I decided to get a little crazy. I walked into the fountain in a small break and set my camera on the ground. I love this view of the fountain. At 1/25th of a second the water blurs just enough to be pretty cool. Because you are at f/22 to get to 1/25th during the day you really have one shot at a time to make this photo before the overspray shows up huge on your lens. Combine that with trying to time kid going in and out of the fountain and you have a nice little photography challenge in addition to cooling down on a hot summer day.

Dusting Off The 17-40mm Lens

This was my most used lens for a long time. Now I find myself using the 24-105 II the most, and when I want to get really wide I use my 11-24mm lens. I had thoughts about selling this thing, but it still has places where I could use it. I brought it along initially because I could get fairly wide at 17mm and still get my filter set on it. If a few clouds had come by I could have put the big stopper on it and had a really long exposure that would have made the kids running through the fountain disappear as well as made the clouds streak. That didn’t happen, but I am glad that I had this lens in my bag.

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