Another Night At PNC Park

Heading To PNC Park For Night Two

As I said yesterday this was only supposed to be a one game trip, but the weather came in and let us see two games in the short time that we were in town. PNC Park is a great place to watch a game. There is so much going on in the city and the river that even a non baseball fan I would think would enjoy a game here. This was a great back and forth game that they home team took in the bottom of the ninth. Hearing the crowd get going with the game on the line is always something that I like to experience when I visit a park. You want the full experience.

Scoring The Game

I can’t remember the last time that I sat down and scored a game. Most of the baseball games that I see now are games that I photograph. There is no time to score those. I use to score every game that I attended back in the day. I really have a hard time attending a baseball game and not making action photos. It is what I do, and what my mind does when I attend a game. I have never found a way to shut that off. I kept thinking of where I would want to be to capture the action. At some point though after a couple of days I was content to just sit back and keep score. Of course with the walk off at the end I really wish that I could have shot it.


Pittsburgh really honors their heroes. They have larger than life statues of these great men in Pirates history. At the top of this post you can see the Honus Wagner statue at the main gates of the park. Of course the left field gate would be for Willie Stargell. “Pops” was a player that was just finishing his career up when I was really getting into baseball. He was a player that I liked though so it was great to see this large statue for him. This was the first photo that I made at the ballpark on Wednesday. I made a few photos of Willie on Tuesday, but I wanted to try something with the 11-24mm lens. I like the way that this turned out. There is one other statue that I want to talk about that, but I think that Roberto Clemente will get his own post in the near future.

Picking My View

When we booked this trip they let me buy the tickets. Of course I picked the best view for a photo idea. It reminded me a little of seeing Purdue take on Notre Dame in 2013. I bought my ticket with a photo in mind. I did the same here. I knew the photo that I wanted to make, and having my seat up there let me pick the best time to make that photo.

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