The Lafayette Aviators Open Their Home Season With A Win

The Aviators Are Back Home

This summer I plan on spending a lot of nights at Loeb Stadium as it nears the end of its run. In a couple of years there will be a new Loeb Stadium in its place, but for now I get a few more games in this great stadium. There is just something charming about this place that I like. I have seen a lot of good baseball here, and my experience is just the past few years. A lot of great athletes have come through this place.

Dust And Dirt Everywhere

Part of what I love this stadium is the way that the dirt blows up like I remember it doing as a kid. Plays like this at the plate take on a whole new feel. Part of the fun this summer will be using this to my advantage to tell the story of this old ballpark.

More Photos From The Game

Here is a story that I created on Exposure from opening night. I won’t do this for every game, but I have one more idea to work through as this season goes on.

Loeb Stadium Sunsets

The first sunset of the season was not the best, but it was not too bad either. This was a good way to start the year off. Part of the fun will be seeing what kind of light I am given when I can make it out to the games.

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