Indiana State Defeats Ohio State In The NCAA Tournament

Indiana State Wins Their First Elimination Game To Stay Alive In The Nashville Regional

These are the days that try your nerves. Indiana State had an afternoon game with Ohio State to stay alive in the NCAA Tournament. Their reward for winning would be another matchup with #2 Vanderbilt. You don’t know how your day or your tournament for that matter will go. Every pitch seems to take on a bigger meaning. Indiana State pulled away to a somewhat comfortable lead to make sure that the nerves were not that taxed. After the nail biter the night before against Vanderbilt that was a welcome feeling.

Gear Talk

A few posts into this tournament I can now do a little gear talk. For almost every inning of the tournament that I covered for Indiana State I had three cameras and three lenses on my. On my right side was my 24-105mm with my Canon 5D Mark IV. That gives me a lot of megapixels for wide shots. On my left side was my 70-200mm lens on my Canon 7D Mark II. That gives me a lot of mid range to work with. On my monopod is what I have called my “money-maker”. It seems like my 400 has been the lens that helped me make the biggest jump in my photography. These three together helped me have a wide range to get nearly everything that I needed to get.

When Everything Comes Together

My favorite photo position by far was the small photo well next to the dugout. I love the candid shots of the team that I could make from there. This one stood out to me because of the way the batting gloves put a little fill light on Dane’s face. When I saw it in the back of the camera I knew that I would like it in black and white. This was a fun photo that I was very proud of when the day was said and done.

The Week In Photos

This past week was a fun week. I was able to photograph as much baseball as I wanted to. You can view my favorite photos from last week here.

A Beautiful Day For Baseball

Sunday was just a gorgeous day to make baseball photos. Early on it was so hot on the field that I was just taking in as much water as I could, but it was worth it because of how the sky looked. The temperature leveled out eventually making it very bearable and pleasant. If my college baseball season was going to end this was a beautiful day for it to do so.

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