Indiana State Wins To Open The NCAA Tournament Nashville Regional

Indiana State Gets Into The Winners Bracket With A Win Over McNeese

In a regional format you of course want to have a strong start. When it is double elimination keeping that first loss away is obviously huge. Indiana State and McNeese both both were hitting the ball well so it took some big outs to get the win. Photographing a win is always fun. Photographing an NCAA win is even better. As I write this I am waiting to photograph the game against Vandy. By the time this post goes live my weekend could very well be over. Being a part of this win was amazing though. Having a shot at one of the best teams in the country tonight is a pretty cool thing too. If you want to be the best you have to beat the best. That will certainly be fitting tonight.

Back At Hawkins Field

I shot here back in 2016 for the NCAA Tournament. This was the place where I first met the fine folks at Xavier. This is a fun field to make photos at, but it is harder to get around than a lot of stadiums. When you need to get images up quickly that can make things hard. The photo positions next to the dugouts though is a position that is hard to beat.

Photographing Triston Polley

I think that Triston has a motion that is great to photograph. I think the first time that I saw him was at Purdue a couple of years ago. I made some images that I really liked of him. Last season I was able to see him quite a bit. I tried to find a couple of good angles to showcase that motion one last time.

Luck Wins Again

Just before the Sycamores took the field they were all in a huddle chatting it up. I was thinking about ways to photograph things when the huddle turned into a circle with one player in the center of it. He was not facing me, but I made the decision to move over to get the scoreboard into the shot for a sense of place. My hope was that he would turn and dance facing me. I never expected the backflip that came. Of course I was thrilled when I saw the back of my camera. This was a moment that I never expected, but will probably end up being my favorite photo of the year when it is all said and done.

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