Top Ten Images From The Big East Baseball Tournament

My Ten Favorite Images From The Big East Baseball Tournament

This was my second year covering the Big East baseball tournament. It has been a great two years, and I am happy to say that I will be covering it for the next three years as well. As a freelancer it is always good to have things on the books in advance. This year was a good year for some good baseball. There was also some great light to shoot in. This countdown will have a little bit of all of that in it.

10. Of course this countdown has to start off with a photo of the famous ice cream truck at Prasco Park. Free ice cream is an amazing thing. I wanted to put the truck in the background of a few images just for a different look. When you shoot six games in three days you are struggling for anything different by the end. This was a way to get the bunting and a taste of the park in a shot.

9. This is just a moment that I was lucky enough to see during the tournament. During warm ups in between innings the Xavier left fielder was having a good time. It was a cool moment in the middle of a tense tournament.

8. When the light is good you shoot. The St. John’s uniforms were made to shine during the golden hour. Some of my favorite photos over the course of the last two years are of the St. John’s players in the golden light. Here is one of them rounding third for one of the thirty runs scored in game four of the tournament. You read that right. Thirty runs scored in one game.

7. I made this wide shot shortly after the shot above. With runs being scored left and right I actually started to get bored and look for feature shots. The cool sky here helped show off the awesome Prasco view.

6. In game one of the tournament I first saw the awesome celebration that Creighton did after every run. This was my favorite of those shots. The umpire during game four of the tournament stopped this celebration which was probably for the best as the guy doing the splits probably would have been hurt doing it seventeen times.

5. I made my favorite action image of the tournament during game one. Fairly early in the game if I remember right. I remember being pretty cocky at the time thinking that I would top this during the rest of the tournament. I never did. It was just a cool moment.

4. The emotion coming out of the Xavier dugout in the ninth inning of game six was amazing. I knew that I had to document it in some way so I tried to find a spot to make my picture, but not be so close that I was influencing the photo. I was able to make my image and get what I needed. The comeback fell short, but it was not for lack of effort.

3. This is my dog pile shot from the final celebration. The potential pile moved from near first base to near third base. I kept following it constantly trying to get ahead of where it could be to find the best angle. Here I got to the final pile just in time to get a cool moment. I love the hands coming out of the pile including the #1 signs. Having the stadium sign in the background just adds to it for me.

2. Creighton really made me work for a jube shot during game one of the tourney. After a walk off improbably comeback they all celebrated in right field. I thought it would be near first base, and I had a late start trying to chase down elite athletes with all of my camera gear. I made it in time to make a photo of the games hero getting mobbed by his teammates.

  1. Of course the trophy shot makes the #1 spot on the list. I was very leery of celebrating under the lights of the stadium. They were not very even, and I had visions of key moments happening in a dead spot. All of my fears were for nothing as the celebration photos went off without a hitch. I had a decent trophy shot, but when the hoisted it up a second time I finally could get the angle that I wanted with the Big East logo visible.

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