Creighton vs. Seton Hall (2019 Big East Tournament Game One)

Creighton and Seton Hall Open Up The 2019 Big East Baseball Tournament

This year and for the foreseeable future I will be covering this Big East baseball tournament. I come to Mason, Ohio for two things. I come to Great Wolf Lodge with the kids, and in May it is by myself for this baseball tournament. This is a very cool tournament that is pretty good to photograph. You have four teams battling so there are not any six game days that can last forever. The most I could have is two a day which is not too bad. I love baseball so two games is perfect for me. For the next few days this blog will be filled with my thoughts from covering this tournament.

Capturing The Action

Of course I am here to capture the action. That is important. When you make a good action shot early in the tournament it makes you feel a bit better. Over the course of the four days you will miss moments too. I have to get images uploaded so I have to pick moments to leave. In this game of course a dinger was hit while I was uploading. It happens and you have to roll with it. That is what makes it so great when you have picked the right spot to capture a cool moment like the one above.

Capturing The Emotion

The job that I think is more important over the course of these four days is capturing the emotion. Of course there is a lot of emotion in tournament baseball. Luckily at Prasco Park there is a couple of great shooting spots to let me get a little closer to the action. I am writing this after covering two days of the tournament, and this photo from game one is probably still my favorite emotion shot so far. I just love the way everything plays out in this image.

Prasco Park

I will probably have something about Prasco Park in every one of my posts from this tournament. This is a cool park that has it all. Later on I will probably devote an entire section to the free ice cream. Here I will talk about this cool upper deck in right field. You have a cool view of the park, and if you look closely you can also sit in some seats from some retro parks. I went out there to make a starburst photo late in game one, and I was happy with how it turned out.

Walking It Off

Game one ended with a comeback that was not very likely. I don’t know if there is a place that you could see the win probability for the game, but it had to be low for Creighton. They stormed back in the bottom of the ninth though to walk it off, and stay in the winner’s bracket. During the course of that inning I went from thinking about how to photograph the Seton Hall cube after winning to scrambling to follow the walk off celebration that went all the way out to right field. I got out there just in time to make the photo above which might be my favorite of the tournament so far.

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