An Indigo Bunting At The Celery Bog

The Indigo Bunting Finally Cooperates

As I talked about yesterday it has been a couple of years of waiting for the right moment to photograph this bird. It usually sees me coming a mile away and flies off. Sometimes it sits in terrible light knowing that I can’t make a good image of it. Then on a rare occasion like this one it was in the right place at the right time. I nearly walked right past it to be honest. When I saw it down low with a great background I hurried up to make the shot. I made a couple of quick safety shots of it just sitting there before moving forward to try and make one of it singing. I ended up with my shot, and walked away very happy.

No Need To Move

From the minute that I stepped out of my car I knew it would be a good day. I spotted an interesting looking sparrow so I stopped at the back of my car to make a photo. From there I never moved more than a couple of feet as the tree line in front of the parking lot was filled with birds. I even saw a bird that I had never seen before up there. In all I saw over thirty birds from the front of my car before ever starting my walk. Some days you just get lucky.

Finding Another Sweet Spot

After finally moving into the woods I found very few birds. Then way in the back of the bog I stopped to watch a few herons to see how the fishing was going. Then the birds found me. Sometimes you make the right photo because you studied your subject and picked the right place. At other times you just get lucky and the birds find you. Some of my better photos on this walk were made with luck on my side.

Another Photogenic Bird

So far this season I had only really seen the blackpoll warbler from afar. High in a treetop far away from me. Then Tuesday came, and this group of warblers came to me. This one even gave me a great pose for my troubles. I love it when a plan comes together.

Bonus Photos

4 Replies to “An Indigo Bunting At The Celery Bog”

  1. What a treat to get photos like you have here. The blue bird is gorgeous. All the photos are beautiful. I almost got a shot of the Tanager, but like you said. He was to far away. And it like they know when you lift the camera they take off. When I put the camera down. They stay put.

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