The Yellow-billed Cuckoo At The Celery Bog

A Cuckoo At The Celery Bog?

It still blows my mind at some of the things that fly in and out of the Celery Bog on a daily basis. This cuckoo is one of those things. I don’t see them everyday on my walks, but it is kind of cool when I do. It is a bird that I think of as more tropical. I don’t think of Indiana. Now I guess I do.

The House Wren

If you follow me on social media or look through here often you have noticed this bird pop up a lot lately. With a nest just off the trail it is a an easy addition to my gallery for the day. They also make for good photos as well. Every day that I go out and try and publish ten photos from my walk to my Instagram account. I started messing around calling them a #wegielsdozen. Ata some point I thought the name fit me so I kept doing it. This house wren or its mate has made most of those.

Taking What You Can Get

Whenever I have gotten a longer lens I ended up testing it out at the Celery Bog. There is something to shoot there all the time. I can’t just order up a sporting event to try it out on. On one such trip I made a photo of an Indigo Bunting. I have told the story on here before about how I remembered the name only because it had a baseball term in it. I liked the blue bird, and I wanted a better photo of it. I was still searching for it on this day. Of course when I stumbled upon one up close and personal it was in very poor lighting conditions. I decided to get artsy and make a silhouette. The great portrait would come some other day. (One advantage of writing this a couple of days later is that I can tell you that the photo I have been trying to get will lead off tommorrow’s post.)

More Photos From My Walk

3 Replies to “The Yellow-billed Cuckoo At The Celery Bog”

  1. I think I just missed a photo of an indigo bunting today. Couldn’t get it in focus fast enough but it was the most amazing blue. But I did get a scarlet tanager, which was rather exciting, and a couple of good shots of a goldfinch. The latter flit around so much that they can be hard to shot.


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