Xavier Baseball At Purdue

Finally A Baseball Game!

I have been going crazy lately. I have not been shooting as many sporting events as I would like to. I was not shooting anything nearly as much as I would have liked to. I don’t think that I could have had a bigger cry for help than by going out everyday to photograph birds. This is the weird time of year where my sports work becomes very sporadic. It is during this downtime that I sit back and wonder if it all is worth it. I have a major problem where I just want to shoot everyday. It does’t really matter what that subject is as long as I am making photos. When something that I love to photograph like baseball or football comes around then you know that I am all in on that.

Seeing Xavier Again

I had not shot Xavier baseball in over a year. That changed on Tuesday, and will for sure in a week or so. I will be covering the Big East baseball tournament again this year, and with Xavier qualified for it already they are one of the teams that I look forward to seeing. I had such a good time last year that I am really looking forward to photographing the tournament again this year. There is nothing like tournament baseball for great images.

Photographing Purdue On Accident

After a big home run the Purdue bench came out to celebrate a little. Instinctively I swung my camera over to get the reaction. Of course I was not hired by them so the photo is pretty worthless, but it still was a fun moment to see. This year I have photographed Purdue baseball way more than I have since the first year that I shot for the team. By the time that this post goes live it will be Friday and my last gamely of the year with Purdue. It is crazy just how fast this baseball season has blown by. When you live up north it is a quick season though. Next year I need to make some road trips down south to see some early baseball.

Great Light

For a few innings there was just amazing light to shoot in. The stadium is oriented in such a way that I am able to stay on one side of the field and get all of that great light. When the heavy shadows start taking over the field you really have to make some choices. Of course with great light I try and always go with that.

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