Patience Pays Off

Staying With Your Gut Feeling

Tuesday I was back out at the Celery Bog. I know how shocked you must be. I had a hunch that by waiting it out on a piece of land just reclaimed from the bog I would be able to shoot with the light on a bank of trees. Being so close to the water I had a great chance of seeing some warblers. This is a cool time of year when we are right in the middle of a migration from South America to parts unknown. With so many new birds in town it is hard to focus on any one. There are some birds that I have seen that would make for great photographs, but I can never track them down in a good position. When one of those birds like the Magnolia Warbler above gives you a few good looks you have to jump on that chance.

The 1.4 Tele

I really have been having fun with the 1.4x teleconverter on my 600mm lens. I knew that it was helping my cause, but I didn’t realize just how much until I forgot to take it with me on Wednesday. All of the shots that I liked from Tuesday I liked because of how close I was to these birds. They are for the most part around six inches long so you really have to have something to get right in there. You can be sure that when I go out today I will have the teleconverter with me.

More Photos From My Walk

Here are a few bonus photos from my walk on Tuesday.

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