A Short, But Great Photo Walk At The Celery Bog

When A Short Walk Turns Into A Great Walk

Monday morning I had just a couple of hours to make my way around the Celery Bog. Early on I could tell that it was going to be a good day. The birds seemed to be coming to me. I was able to make a few photos that I liked early on in my trip. I wasn’t making any ground breaking photos, but I was having some fun and getting a good walk in. By the end though I had a few photos that I liked from my morning walk. It always seems like I have a better day on my short days at the bog. When I have more time on other days to walk around I don’t see as much. The birds must know when I am in a hurry.

Trying Something Different

Before I left Monday I put my 1.4x teleconverter on my 600mm lens. This gave me about an 840mm equivalent focal length. I loved using the doubler on my lens, but I felt that my autofocus was too slow. There were a few times Monday when I felt it hunted too long for focus, but I loved my keepers enough to put up with a few missed shots. As I write this I think that as long as the light is good my 1.4x tele will be on the lens for the rest of warbler season. Below are a few bonus shots that I liked from the walk in the morning.

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