A Friday At The Celery Bog

The Day Trip To The Celery Bog

I spent a small amount of time in the morning at the Celery Bog on Friday. I saw a lot while I was out there, but I was just not making the pictures that I wanted to. Sometimes that is how it goes. I saw a lot, but it was just not in a place that made for a good photo. My favorite photo of the morning was this photo of the ducklings trying to get warm. This was the second time in the morning that I saw ducklings by themselves with no protection. It was the first time though that the light was right to make a photo.

Right From The Start At Night

As I walked into the wood Friday night I was greeted by this woodpecker that didn’t mind how close that I was to it. It always feels good to make a good picture right off of the bat. Of course for the rest of the trip I was not making too many fantastic pictures. Then I ran into the yellow billed cuckoo that you see below. It was basically my last picture of the night, and a great stroke of luck to find.

The Week In Photos

Last week I made a lot of photos, but just not the usual ones for me. I had no paying sports gigs for the first time in a while. At times I wonder if sports photography is worth it. I love to make sports photos, but it is so hard to find steady work doing it. This week I filled the gaps with some wildlife photos and plenty of photos of the kids. You can find my favorite photos from last week here on my Exposure page.

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