Three Trees On Clear Lake

The Three Lone Trees On Clear Lake

For some reason these trees have always seemed ready to be in a photo. They just sit there in the water on Clear Lake in LaPorte, Indiana with the city behind them. They were an early subject of my photography, and when the conditions are right they end up in my photos when I am back home.

New Ideas For Old Trees

Looking at this photo I had a new idea to use these trees in a photo. As you progress as a photographer you start to find new ways to look at things. Ways to bring everything together. The next time that I am in town I will have to test out my new idea. Maybe it will work, and maybe it will not. We will just have to see.

One Reply to “Three Trees On Clear Lake”

  1. I see why you keep taking photos of these trees, Dave. I have things I keep taking shots of even though I already have many. Some things just look great every time I see them. 🙂


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