Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Doing Your Part To Make The World A Better Place

One thing that I see when I go out to the Celery Bog is the amount of trash that is even out there. It is amazing how little people care for what is around them. They are so lazy that they cannot make it to the next trash can to throw something away. I thought that this was pretty amazing watching this Carolina Wren doing its part to clean up the bog. Actually this wren is making a nest in the trash can which might not be the best idea. Normally I don’t like to have too many man made objects in my nature photos. Every now and then though it just makes sense. Here I thought that it was a cool way to show wren behavior.

More Fighting At The Bog

I seem to keep stumbling on fights out at the bog. Maybe they happen more than I think and I don’t see that many of them. Here two geese go at it. I don’t know what started it as I was photographing a sandpiper not too far away from this fight. I quickly panned and captured most of the fight, and then went back to my sandpiper photos. The birds never appear too much worse for the wear after these dust ups, but watching them bash each other with their wings tells me that neither of them feel too good after these things.

The Sandpiper Shot

These are birds that I don’t know too much about. I just know that I see them in the same type of situations every so often. Here I actually waited until I had a clear shot for once. Normally I spot them through a bunch of brush with no chance for a clean shot. On Wednesday I waited until the geese were done fighting, and then the sandpiper made its way over to a log that I could photograph. It was worth waiting for.

Warbler Season

I think that warbler season is now in full effect. After seeing the beginning of it Wednesday was a day when there were warblers all over the place. I just decided to keep walking and see what I could see. I bumped into a few new species, and more importantly I feel that I had good chances to make pictures of them. It seems like normally when I see something new it is a fleeting glance. My photograph of the Orioles backside as it flew away is a great example. On Wednesday the birds were very cooperative, and that is a great thing. This might by my favorite warbler shot to date. Everything seemed to work out to make this picture of the Blue-winged Warbler.

3 Replies to “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”

  1. Beautiful shots, Dave. I get frustrated when I walk in the park at all the garbage either left there (pack it in, pack it out!) or blown there. I’ve started carrying kitchen garbage bags and non-latex gloves in my van and when it needs it, I pick up the trash in the area where I enter the park. I can’t do it all, but I can do that. One day I’ll also take a bag along while walking the back trail and pick up what I can. Last Friday the park had a clean-up day and I volunteered to help. (I’ve been waiting for one to come along.) While everyone else walked along the side of the street (as was the plan), I told the ranger I would walk on the trail and pick up what I could there. I got two of the big garbage bags full. It was such a good feeling! 🙂


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