Back At Purdue Baseball

Finally Back At Alexander Field

After my memory card mishap I was really itching to get back at it for Purdue Athletics. After you fail you always want to get right back up and keep going. Having a ten day stretch between jobs seemed like way too long. I was glad to get back out there and get some more baseball photography in. It was a beautiful night for baseball too.

Beautiful Alexander Field

I really want one really great sunset at Alexander Field. The field is so nice, that a killer sky to go along with it would be amazing. I still try and get a sunset photo in anytime that I can here. Even if it is not the best sunset it is always good to show off the park.

Playing Around

At some point during a season I feel like I have made every photo of a player that I can. Part of the fun of what I do it finding new ways to showcase these athletes. Photos like the one above will probably never get used, but they are fun to come up with and make. The great light really helped here too.

Great Jube

When speedster Milo Beam stepped to the plate in the 8th inning I had an idea to use a slow shutter speed to showcase his speed. Of course he goes and hits a bomb as I am not keying on the at bat. I quickly switched back to my game settings and captured his jube coming around the bases. It was a great moment on the night, and it was fun to get all of that emotion. That is the great stuff that keeps us coming back.

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