A Quick Trip To The Celery Bog

Heading Out To The Celery Bog For A Quick Trip

I normally do not head out on short mornings for me, but when there are birds passing through for a short time and the bog is coming alive I need to make a few more trips out there. Color is returning everywhere after a long, brown winter. That may be why I have been having so much fun lately. Seeing greens and yellows in the woods is a welcome change.

A Good Start

I always talk about having a good start. I saw this bird just after walking into the woods. I have never seen one before, and I was able to make a nice photo of it. That is always a great way to get things going. That little confidence allows you to take a few chances early. Instead of needing to get a shot you already have one.

Changing It Up

For most of this week it was overcast. I kept hearing about the ‘terrible light’ at the bog from people. The overcast light is a nice even light that actually makes things look better. Yesterday it was sun coming in and out, and at times it cost me photos. When it is overcast you don’t have to make choices. When the sun is out you sometimes have to just discount areas because the light it not right. With the overcast skies in mind I took my 600mm out without the 2x converter on it. I wanted all of the light that I could get. I missed the reach, but I think that I ended up with more shots because of that.

Get On Up!

I love this photo because of the action in it. It is not on purpose. These birds just jump and fly around at will. Here though it looks like I startled the birds. It was actually changing position on the branch. These little moments are why it is fun heading out every day. You never know what you are going to capture.

More Photos From The Day

Here are a few extra photos from my walk through the woods.

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