Hoppy Easter!

The Easter Bunny Makes An Early Appearance

About a month ago this little rabbit decided to make our backyard its home. The timing of the rabbit stopping by made us wonder if we caught the Easter Bunny making an early appearance to check on us. It has stayed around though so this probably isn’t the real Easter Bunny because this would have been its busy season. It had to plan to visit children all over the world after all.

Coloring Eggs

There is something about the smell of vinegar that takes me back to coloring eggs as a child. Back then the only flare we could add was using a crayon first on the egg. Now the kids have all kinds of ways to make their eggs stand out. It still all comes down to soaking the egg in the vinegar solution though. Neither of the two things I talked about in this post have anything to do with the real reason for the day, but I don’t have any photos of Jesus so I used what I had.

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