Warbler Season At The Celery Bog

The Warblers Return To The Celery Bog

This is a fun time of the year. The brown celery bog is coming to life with all kinds of colors. The base of the forest is turning green, and birds of all colors are coming back. The yellow of the warblers is a great sight after a long, brown winter. Above you can see palm warbler that I photographed on Monday. This warbler was initially fairly far away from me when I spotted it. I watched it come closer and closer for about a half an hour before it finally was filling my frame. Had it been much closer my focus would not have worked. This is a great example of working a scene and using patience. It is also a good example of how making bird photos has helped me be a more patient photographer. You can’t just walk up and make photos. You have to let them come to you sometimes.

The Butterbutt

This is the yellow-dumped warbler, but most people call it the butterbutt. It is the first to arrive at the bog, and usually the last to leave. In a couple of weeks I will be tired of making photos of these birds, but right now I love the color. I have been trying to make more shots that show the area around the bird instead of just the bird on a stick. This was a great example of that I thought.

A Good Day

As I was walking around I realized that I had not made it very far. I seemed to just luck out in the places that I chose to be. I ended up seeing 42 different species on my walk which is the most I have ever seen at once. I am not going to lie. I had to use software when I got home to identify most of the species, but I still could tell that I had something new in front of me. Maybe someday I will be able to tell what birds are in the field, but not right now.

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