A Pitching Gem At Bob Friend Field

A Great Game On The Mound

Wednesday night I arrived at Bob Friend Field a little late. Right away though I could tell something was up. The West Side dugout was animated, and the Central Catholic dugout was trying to get up. I heard some rumblings that let me in on the fact that a perfect game was in progress. I was only going to stay a couple of innings, but you don’t leave during a perfect game. The West Side pitcher ended up allowing three hits, but it was a great game. When I read the story about his injury and the fact it was his first start back it made it an even better story. I am glad that I decided to catch a couple of innings.

Photograph Everything

Right now I can’t get enough baseball. I have this same fever in the fall for football with far fewer chances to photograph the pigskin. With plenty of baseball happening right now I am in heaven. Over a two day span I was able to shoot a Triple A game, a Big Ten game, and a high school game. All three games were a blast to photograph. When I first started getting serious about photography making images at Bob Friend Field all I wanted to do was climb the ladder and shoot bigger and bigger events. What you quickly realize though is that you miss the freedom to make images that you have at the smaller events. I have always said that I would photograph anything, and so far this spring I have. I hope it is always this fun, and never really feels like work.

Changing It Up

During football season you have limited chances to make photographs. You can use up all of your tricks, but by the time you do it is the end of the season. In baseball you have to constantly look for new angles and new ways to show the game. If you don’t you just keep showing up to the park to make the same photos over and over. Part of the fun of shooting games off of the clock is trying new things. If they work they you can take them to the paying gigs and look like a hero. By the end of the summer I will be trying anything to make an interesting photo. Part of that fun though is what comes of the struggle to make new things. Those are usually the best shots.

Some Nice Jube

By the top of the 7th inning I had a feeling that some nice jubilation was about to happen. The West Side second baseman was really getting into each pitch. After the first out he really had a nice celebration. Of course the umpire stepped right in my way and I missed it. I moved over a few feet knowing that the final out could be something special. It was. These are the shots that I love to make. The reactions and jube are what makes the photo gallery. Here with a special win I was able to put together a nice gallery. You can view all of my images from the night here.

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