West Lafayette Baseball Home Opener

West Lafayette Baseball Opens Up The 2019 Season

A great thing about having a baseball field in your neighborhood is that you can just pop in and photograph a game. With some great light it made sense to head down last night. With the high school baseball season starting up I wanted to get out and get a game in. It seems like I always get a couple of early games in, and then my schedule gets in the way as the season goes on. Hopefully that is not the case this year.

Great Light

Instead of working with the light late into the game I shot into the light. I wanted to try some backlit stuff. Here at the end of my shoot I was able to play around a bit with the light. I love how the fingernail gleams in the light. It adds just a little something different to the gallery.

Fielding Shots

I feel that high school baseball is completely different from any other level that I shoot. The higher up you go the better the scouting is. You have a good idea of where the ball is headed. Here you do not. I would watch a swing or two and guess based on that. You can tell when the player is not catching up to the fastball so I would pick a fielder with the idea that the swing was late. It worked a couple of times, but most of the time I was playing catch up. Here I was able to get on the centerfielder as he made a diving attempt at a ball.

Wearing It

A hit by pitch is something that I never usually have much luck with. When the swing doesn’t start I don’t usually fire. Here though I did because the pitch was clearly going to hit the batter. It resulted in what is probably my favorite HBP photo ever. That could not have felt good, but if you are going to wear it you might as well have a photo of it.

Bob Friend

Bob Friend for whom the field is named passed during the off season. It was cool to see the players honoring the former Major Leaguer with a sticker on their helmet. This is something that I would like to work as a photo as the season goes on. I have an idea that I ran out of time to try last night. The good thing about it being the first game of the season is that I have plenty of time to try some things.

Two Great Pitching Motions

Sometimes the pitching motions in high school are not that great for photography. Yesterday I had two really cool motions to work with. Both of them photographed well from multiple angles. I loved the high leg kick. You don’t see that too much anymore so why not work it a little and try and make a really cool photo?

Photo Gallery

Here is the complete gallery from my time at the stadium. I couldn’t stay the entire game, but I stayed long enough to make some shots that I really liked. Hopefully this isn’t the only photo gallery that I make at Bob Friend Field this year.

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