Purdue Baseball Walks It Off In Extras

Purdue Ends A Cold Game With A Walk Off In The 10th

Yesterday was an interesting day. A long delay before the game started due to the cold led to a late start time for the doubleheader. A game with an original noon start ended under the lights as a sac fly scored the winning run for the Boilers. If you are in the cold all day the least that can happen is an exciting walk off.

A Weird Delay

The long delay before the start of the game was due to the real feel not being high enough to play. The crazy thing though was that the conditions looked perfect. After sitting in the press box for a while I decided to just go out and make some photos. If it looks perfect out then why not show it? I am glad that I did as it gave me a good start to my gallery.

Why Did It Take So Long?

I am actually surprised that it too until the sixth game of the year for me to break out the multi-exposure. I really was not planning on doing it, but the conditions were perfect. My subject was in great light with a dark background. A great pitching motion also was a reason to try it. I don’t want to use it too much this year, but when everything calls for it you might as well.

Photo Gallery

Here is the link to my photo gallery on the Purdue Sports site. This was a fun one to put together as I was able to get quite a bit done before the game even started.

The Week In Photos

This was a week filled with bat and ball sports. Three baseball games and two softball games make for a fun week. You can see my favorite photos from last week here.

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