Watching An Elite Game

Trying To Re-Create A Moment

When I walked out of the show I saw Thursday night I saw an amazing scene of students watching a laptop with the Boiler basketball game on it near the clock tower. It was meant to be photographed, but of course being in the show I didn’t have a camera on me. Later that night I decided to go out and try and make some photos of the elite 8 game hoping to come upon a similar scene. Campus was really dead. I went out to a few bars to try and make photos, but the real photo would have been of the celebration had the Boilers pulled it off. They were so close. So close that it hurts.

A Lot To Be Proud Of

I shot the game in December at Banker’s Life. Purdue lost to a bad Notre Dame team to go 6-5 on the season. Fans were putting the blame on everyone. The team could have packed it in, but they chose to press on. They did more than that. They went out and won the Big Ten title. Then they went on an improbable run through the tournament that saw them come with fractions of a second from the first Final Four since 1980. This was an impressive run that I will always remember. The thing about March Madness is that it only ends happy for one team. The initial sting is bad. Over time though we will be able to sit back and appreciate just how great of a run this was. We can appreciate better just how much fun this team was to watch play. Next year we hang a banner in Mackey. Some great kids helped get that thing up there. This is a team that I will never forget.

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