Two Days At The Celery Bog

Getting Back Out To The Celery Bog

This week was a crazy one. I was only able to get out and make photos on two mornings. This is a weird time of year when the bog is nearly in between birds. A lot of the migrating water fowl have come through, and the songbirds are just starting to filter in. You can go out there and get nothing for your effort. For me the walk is always worth it though. It is a chance to just chill out and go for a walk. A good photo or two at the end of the day is well worth it.

Just Missed It

I saw this bufflehead that I wanted to make a shot of. It was probably a little far away, but they look cool so why not make a shot. As I was doing so the water erupted behind it. What you see is the tip of a blast off that I missed entirely. This is like shooting the band while your team scores a touchdown. The band photo might be nice, but you really want the touchdown shot. After it happened I just kind of laughed to myself because what can you do. It makes for a nice story for the blog anyway.

More Than Birds

The bog is filled with more than birds. I really don’t see much more on a day to day basis, but this week I saw a few things that couldn’t fly. It is always nice to make a new picture, and one of the beasts of the bog getting a drink is a good one.

More With The Killer Mute Swans Of The Celery Bog

The mute swans are kind of separated right now. I guess mating season has done that. In the past you could find all five very easily. On Tuesday I only saw two, and yesterday I spotted four of them. They seem to be very territorial so maybe that is why I can’t find the fifth one. Anyway here is a pretty picture of one of the killers.

What Is This?

I know what kind of bird that this is, but why does the horned grebe look so much like the devil? The horns and the red eyes make me think that maybe I have been too hard on the mute swans. Maybe these are the real devils of the bog. This one popped up out of nowhere just to stare me down before diving back down to the depths of the bog.

More Photos From My Week

Below are a few bonus photos from a fun couple of days at the bog. The nature of my week made sure that I did not have a day to post photos earlier in the week so we get one post with all of them.

3 Replies to “Two Days At The Celery Bog”

  1. You really have a lot of animal life already. Our park hasn’t had much activity except for birds, although not water birds yet that I’ve seen. I did see two coyotes last week, rather closer than usual, but everything else seems to be hiding or hasn’t returned. Of course there are a few geese, but they don’t even all leave anymore, so that doesn’t really count. 🙂


    1. I think the birds are slowly heading north. The birds that we have seen have been changing out slowly. It is part of the fun of heading out frequently. Seeing how much things change.

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