Purdue Basketball Opens Up The 2019 Big Ten Tournament With A Win

A Great Start For The Purdue Women’s Team

On Wednesday I was back in Indy to see the Purdue women’s team take on Illinois in the opening round of the 2019 Big Ten Tournament. They took control early in the second half and never really looked back. This was a strong start for a team that needs to go deep into this tournament. By the time this post goes live we will know the result of their matchup with Nebraska. Hopefully it is a win and I am heading back to Indy from St. Louis to cover a Friday night game.

Being In Banker’s Life Again

I have shot a handful of games at Banker’s Life Fieldhouse over the last few years. In fact it was nearly five years to the date when I shot this game from when I shot my first game there in 2014. The light there is amazing, and it really is a fun place to work in. The added Big Ten signage gives me some things to include in the frame, and some reasons to go wider.

A Simple Setup

In the postseason I seem to pull back a little and go simpler. I shot this game entirely with my 24-70mm lens and my 70-200mm lens. I used the 24-70 to get some wide stuff during warm ups, but then it became a floor remote throughout the game. I sat on the far end of the baseline so my 70-200mm lens was perfect out there. The remote then became a way to get some of the signage and the stadium into the photo. Here in St. Louis I plan on doing the same thing.

Familiar Faces

It was cool to look behind the Purdue bench and see some familiar faces back there. Several former Boilers were on hand to cheer on the current team. The team warmups for the tournament say family on them. Seeing how many former players come back to cheer on their team tells me that it is more than a saying on a shirt.

More Photos From The Game

You can view the gallery from the game here on the Purdue sports Exposure page. I had a good time photographing the game with Charles Jischke the Purdue photographer.

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