Indiana State Baseball Takes On Austin Peay

Back To Baseball!

Yesterday I was finally able to get some baseball in again. In the couple of days leading up to shooting the game I would just spontaneously yell out that fact. I love shooting baseball, and last year I really did not get a chance to photograph it very much. This year I plan on changing that. Shooting a game on March 1st is a good start to that. This is a good Indiana State team too. I might just be photographing them deep into June if they play the way that I think that they can.

Starting Out Wide…

As the team took the field I used my 17-40mm lens to get an ultra wide shot of them running out. With a nice blue sky it made sense yesterday. I took the 17-40 instead of the 11-24mm lens because I knew that I could get this shot with the 17-40, and it is much lighter.

…And Going In Tight

At times during the game I put my 2x extender on my 400mm lens giving me an equivalent of a 800mm lens. On a sunny day like yesterday I probably could have just cropped in, but I wanted to try this out. It really does get you in tight to get a good glimpse into what the athlete is thinking. On the 400mm f/2.8 lens it makes it an f/4, but yet again on a sunny day that is not an issue.

Back At Indiana State

It is hard to believe that it took until March for me to set foot on campus down here again. I have had an absolute blast this year working with the folks at Purdue, but everyone at Indiana State has been great to me since day one. I love photographing down here, and I need to make it happen more often. Good news is that I have three events this weekend so for the next couple of days you will see posts from Indiana State.

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