Purdue Basketball Takes Down The Illini

The Boilers Take Care Of Business

The last time the Illini came into Mackey and won my step-daughter was not even born yet. I was still in my seat up in the second level of Mackey Arena. It was just before the calendar turned to 2009. The good news is after the late game on Wednesday the Boilers still have not lost to Illinois in Mackey in over a decade. This team is so fun to watch. They have guys that are out there busting their tail every game.

One Last Time In Mackey

Because of work this weekend the game Wednesday night was most likely my last game in Mackey this year. Of course there is a chance for a tournament game or two, but even that I think is unlikely at this point. This has been a fun year being back in Mackey. Even more fun than that is getting to contribute to the great content that Purdue is putting out. It is hard to believe that the regular season is winding down. For me right now I have about two weeks of basketball left before I am done for the year. This will be an exciting couple of weeks though with Purdue fighting for the Big Ten championship, and conference tournaments beginning.

More Photos From The Game

Here is a link to the Purdue Exposure page from the game. As I said above it has been a lot of fun working with this great team this season. When you are working with really great people it seems to elevate your work. This has been something that has been a goal of mine, and to be able to do it during a season like this one makes it even more special.

The Edwards Show

For the last few years Purdue fans have been blessed to have an Edwards on the team to cheer for. First it was Vince, and then Carsen joined him. As much as I would love to see Carsen come back next year for his senior season I don’t see that happening. You always want what is best for the athletes, and an NBA contract is a great thing that he has worked his whole life for. As a selfish person though I can’t help but think about what this team could be with one more year to get better.


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