My Backyard Birds: The Carolina Wren

The Carolina Wren

This is one bird that I have seen a few times, but never in a good position to photograph. Imagine my surprise when after photographing birds that I see every day and ready to pack it up that I saw this Carolina Wren. It was posed very nicely on a branch right in front of me with no obstructions. I couldn’t believe my luck. After giving me a couple of good looks it flew off.

Micro-adjustment On The Fly

As I was photographing some birds that come to the backyard everyday I decided to play around with the micro-adjustment a little. My focus has been just a little off, and to the back of the birds. If I were missing on either side it would be easy to blame me. It was pretty consistent though so why not try a micro-adjustment. Of course the second after I put in a new setting the wren above flew in. I hoped that I had made a good choice and fired away. It looks like I did. Very lucky.

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