Seeing The Super Blood Wolf Moon

Sunday night/Monday morning I had thoughts of photographing the moon. I normally don’t go crazy for these rare sky events. I usually just watch them happen. The blood moon is one that I felt that I did not quite nail in the past. That is being nice. In my two attempts at photographing it I failed miserably. I decided that this year I would make a good blood moon picture no matter what. Of course the clouds would decided to try and derail that.

When The Clouds Roll In

The sky cleared up nicely, and I thought that I would have a great view of this whole eclipse. I made the photo above as the event started happening. Then a thick band of clouds came in to ruin things. I thought that I would just have the initial picture of the moon for myself. Of course things changed, but at the time I was pretty bummed out. I would have to wait a while to redeem myself with this photo.

Making It Right

I did go back out and wait for the moon to appear in some breaks in the clouds. I made a photo within a cloud window that I thought was the one. I came in and did a quick edit on it. It was not great, but I thought that I would have a blog post about how I failed once again. I put on some pajamas and went to bed. My head was not on the pillow very long before I decided to try it again. I ditched the monopod I was using, and I grabbed my tripod which I should have been using in the first place. I went back outside in my pajamas with the thought that I am getting this thing. As if by fate the clouds moved on, and I had a clear shot at the moon. I made the shot above, and I saw some stars faintly showing up in the frame. I decided to try and hold as steady as I could to make sure that I could capture all of this including the stars in the photo. At 1/5th of a  second with wind you really have to be steady, but thanks to IS and finding a friction point on the tripod I was able to get some steady shots. In the end I was finally able to right an old wrong that has been bothering me since 2012. I was able to make a blood moon picture that I actually like. Now the next time it comes around I can get some much needed sleep.

2 Replies to “#superbloodwolfmoon”

  1. The top image is phenomenal, Dave. I had expected to get some keeper images myself, but fell victim to the insidious frigid wind/chill (way below zero, wicked wind) and an un-sympathetic tripod. In fact my fingers lost all feeling and basically I subsequently lost all mental connectivity with my gear. I finally, grugenly submitted to the futility, and gave up. My reward, and greatly appreciated, was just looking at this incredibly beautiful total phase with my good binoculars. I swear, with the starry background and the wonderful illumination nuances of the moon, it was as if it were 3 dimensional. Your top image captures that moment extremely well. Marty (M :-))

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