My Backyard Birds: Then White Throated Sparrow In The Rain

What Are You Looking At?

Yesterday while making some photos from my back porch this white throated sparrow became very curious about what I was doing. Instead of focusing on eating which is why it was there it just started staring at me. At first I liked a shot of the bird on a stick that I normally make, but after a while this shot grew on me. I love how it is just a little different from my normal bird photo.

Making The Most Out Of A Rainy Day

Normally a rainy morning is one that I spend doing some work in the house. Instead of doing paperwork which I should have been doing I decided to make photos. This is the part of what I do that is fun anyway. This bird that I do not see too often in my backyard decided that the rainy day was a good day to visit so it all worked out in the end. I still got my work done, but I made some photos as well.

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