A Yellow-Rumped Warbler at the Celery Bog

Warblers Everywhere At The Celery Bog!

I must admit that until last week I did not know what a warbler was. There were suddenly many more photographers at the Celery Bog, and I asked another photographer what was going on. They said that the warblers were here. I nodded like I knew and walked away. When I was out of sight I looked up what a warbler was on my phone. I realized that I had photographed a few of them over the course of the day. Not because of their name, but because of location and lighting. This was one of those shots.

A Weird Way To Bird

Most birders find the bird and make the picture. I do it a different way. I find my background and then wait for the bird to come to me. I really have no idea right now what I am missing doing it this way, and I know that I have a good background because I picked it. So far I have a high average of picking correctly. Although I just photograph whatever comes to me. At some point I may change, but for right now I am getting what I want from my trips out to the Celery Bog. I just want at least one blog worthy photo from every trip.

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