A Fall Walk At The Celery Bog Part Two

A Beautiful Day For A Walk At The Celery Bog

Unlike Tuesday morning my walk on Wednesday was not done under rain filled skies. In fact the sun came out just as I started my walk. A beautiful light that changed my plan for the day. I would find a familiar bench with a great view that would allow the sun to be at my back. I rarely turned into the sun as the photos all should have been in front of me. I found a heron there waiting to be photographed. I decided to sit there and make my photos. I spent most of my morning right there at that bench.

A Further Test Of The Canon 600mm Lens

As I talked about yesterday I went out with the intention of using this lens more. I wanted to get a better handle on it. That extra 200mm really does mean something. Knowing the lens is key to not missing shots. On this day I went out with the Canon 7D Mark II, the 600mm lens, and my Canon 1.4x teleconverter. My thought was to see what I could make with an effective focal range of 1344mm. I found that at times it worked very well. The photo above is very crisp. I had a couple that ended up being just a little soft. I don’t put that to anything but user error. At this point I love how close I can get to these small subjects with the lens and camera combo. Of course as with any wildlife shot we all probably still wish that we had a little more glass. This is plenty for what I do though.

Tracking Moving Subjects

For most of my two day adventure I was photographing objects that were fairly stationary. Tracking flying birds is not an easy task. At the focal range that I had on Wednesday it can be even harder. Picking up the subject is the hardest part. You are really zoomed in. I thought that for the most part I was able to do this during the limited times that I was able to test it out.

Taking A Little Off

At one point this duck and heron engaged in a staring contest. It went on for quite a while. With the 1.4x teleconverter on my lens I could not get both subjects in the picture. I quickly took the tele off the lens to capture this moment. This was not what I went to capture, but it was pretty cool to see. I really wanted to catch a heron grabbing a late morning snack. Over the course of my time there during the two days I never saw a successful catch. I saw two attempts in the nearly five hours out there, but no luck. That is the way that it goes sometimes.

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