A Fall Walk At The Celery Bog Part One

Taking The Canon 600mm Lens For A Walk

This past week I spent two mornings at the celery bog. I wanted to take my new Canon 600mm lens out there to see what I could do with it. In the past I have photographed out there with my 150-600mm lens, but the one thing that I couldn’t do with that lens was attach a teleconverter. That would turn my f/4 lens into an f/5.6 lens, but it would give me additional reach. I decided to break up the two days into two different experiments. I shot the first day with my 1DX and the 600 with the teleconverter on it. Those are the pictures that appear in this post. I effectively had an 840mm lens. The second day I used the 600 with the tele again, but this time I put the Canon 7D Mark II on it. This gives me basically a 1344mm lens. I know it is not exact in how this happens, but it does put me closer to the action with all of the pixels of the 7DII.

A Gloomy Day

The first day of this experiment was shot in between two downpours. The sky was very overcast forcing me to crank up my ISO more than I normally like during a wildlife shoot. I like an overcast day when photographing out there for a couple of reasons. One of them is the even light on the bird. You can photograph it from any direction without worrying about where the sun is. The second is that they seem to be more active fishing on those days. Of course I only saw one strike on this day, and it was a miss. Maybe it was too dark for even the herons to see. This gloomy day really was not conducive to photography. As you will see tomorrow a little light makes all of the difference.



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